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Employer Group Dental Insurance»

Understanding employee dental health needs (Comments Off)

Employer Group Dental Insurance

Meeting the various oral health needs of employees and their families has become increasingly difficult. Employers can no longer opt for a one-size-fits-all approach to dental program design. Dental health concerns vary with age, employees with children have different needs […]

Employer Group Vision Insurance»

Employer vision insurance helps increase productivity and work quality (Comments Off)

IHC Employer Group Vision

Vision is important for everything we do at work, at home, in recreation. As such, access to affordable eye care delivered through an employer sponsored vision benefit is important to overall  health and employee well-being. While it starts at the […]

Individual & Family Dental Insurance»

Promote overall health and wellness with individual dental insurance (Comments Off)

The IHC Group Individual Dental Insurance

An individual dental insurance plan can help prevent many common dental problems. Left untreated, oral health concerns can lead to painful and serious health conditions, such as: 1. Tooth decay – Clinically referred to as “dental caries,” this condition occurs most frequently in children […]

Individual & Family Vision Insurance»

Regular eye exams are important to maintaining overall health (Comments Off)

IHC Group Individual Vision Insurance

We all know the importance of eating healthy, exercising and seeing the doctor regularly. Did you know these things are important for good eye health as they are overall health? Exercise can decrease pressure in the eye, both immediately afterward […]

Supplemental Insurance»

Affordable health insurance solutions outside the scope of PPACA (Comments Off)

IHC Group Supplemental Insurance

In addition to dental and vision insurance, The IHC Group offers a wide variety of affordable health insurance solutions for individuals, families and the self-employed that are not impacted by the Affordable Care Act. IHC’s short-term medical insurance portfolio provides […]

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